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Intuition is something we all have and frequently use, without being aware of what it is that makes us instinctively know or understand the why and how about what may have just happened, or the reason behind the decision just made.

But what happens to your life if you can use this God given ability each day to make life better, to help understand to a deeper and more humble level, what a wonderful gift has been given to us all.

In this handbook or guide to discovering and using your intuition, Craig Wilson presents in a wonderfully warm and comfortable manner, the pathway to a better connectedness, a greater understanding and a greater acceptance of the journey we, as humans, are taking as we travel across our lives.

As a gifted intuitive he has always understood the power and understanding that comes with this gift; equally he has understood that as we move rapidly through this fast paced modern lifestyle we are losing this skill, this talent and in so doing have lost the connectedness that is all important.

Interestingly, people are today more than ever, seeking inner peace, are suffering from a range of stress related illnesses and conditions and are searching for that magic elixir to cure all their ills and ailments. As Wilson says, time and time again throughout the book, Intuition, while not a quick fix, will certainly help on the road to recovery and the pathway to a happier, healthier lifestyle both physically and spiritually.

Right at the beginning there is a little ‘tick list’ to encourage you to check out just where you are placed, asking you to decide ‘are you where you had planned to be at this time of your life’. The results, if you are brutally honest with the answers could prove to be very surprising.

Now that the base line is established the rest of the book is there to help you understand and make the changes required as well as encourage you towards change in the way you not only live, but do business, undertake your responsibilities to others and enjoy the fruits of your labours, with a happy, peaceful heart.

As this is a rather challenging task, Wilson has constructed the chapters to be able to be read in one long marathon read, or simply to be opened at will and read little by little to help you make the changes as required. At the end of each of the chapters there is a little summation of all the points addressed making a really easy reference guide should you need to refresh or review.

Craigh Wilson does not come from a place of perfection as he openly says he has ‘been there and done that’, even though as a young child he was well aware of his gift of intuition.

Intuition is at the end of the journey something that is intensely personal, very humbling and can be used to have a lot of fun. It is flexible, versatile and totally life changing, unique to you.

In his words “From my personal experience, I believe intuition is one of the most important parts of being a human”.

Ask yourself the question, what have I got to lose, what have I got to gain? And then take the first step to the rest of your intuitive life.  Enjoy your very special journey into freedom and happiness under the guidance of a master in Craigh Wilson as he encourages you to:

“Be who you truly are. Be bold, and be bright.”

Author Craigh Wilson
Publisher Michael Hanrahan Publishing
ISBN 9780648018001
Distributor Dennis Jones
Released July 2017