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Journey Into Wholeness

As with many books in the spiritual self-help category, they have a habit of finding you when the time is right. Journey into Wholeness is no exception.

Written by Intuitive and Healer Daniella Divine, she shares her experiences of discovering the person she is and was always, despite believing otherwise for many of her early years. Growing up in a Jewish faith-based family, forth of four sisters, she was always surrounded by the love of her mother and sisters.

She had a highly developed sense of family, of the need to be a member of a close-knit group, suffering a real crisis of separation when her parents separated, her older sister moved out and another sister went to live with their father.

At a young age Divine began working as a psychic, faced the fact they she was gay, and that none of this fitted with the Jewish faith. She also realised that no matter what labels she placed upon herself, no matter how she accepted what were the many facets of her life, she still did not feel whole, she really did not know who she was and the labels she placed around herself made little difference.

It took a journey along the Camino Trail, on a lesser walked trail, during the months of Winter to discover the real person who lived deep inside, and had always been there, just simply waiting to be rediscovered.

Journey Into Wholeness is presented as a ‘roadmap’ to discovering your own personal peace and centre, with each chapter concluding with exercises and various tools to help with your discovery.

Gentle and welcoming, much of the information may resonate already, but much is there to be discovered. Along the journey there will be many Ah Ha moments, when you realise just what the little voice meant, what the gift of car park, in a full car park was all about and why, at times you somehow seem to instinctively know the right thing to say or do.

Taking the journey ‘back home’ is an event which, like most things worthwhile, needs to be undertaken with a destination in mind, that of feeling complete, fulfilled and at peace.

Daniella Divine had to learn to let go, to truly believe that everything she needed would be there as required, and it is and was. Journey Into Wholeness is her journey, it is also your journey should you choose to embrace what is your truth, the things in your life that resonate for you, that allow you to be whole, the person you have always been, just misplaced for a period of time on life’s many pathways.

Now is a very good time to being your personal Journey Into Wholeness.



AuthorDanielle Divine
PublisherDivine Works
DistributorDivine Works
ReleasedSeptember 2019