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Karma Zero

Karma Zero is a big title for a small book. What is packed inside this small book is a big amount of information which, if the final page is anything to go by, is written to be passed on, to share with others.

Essentially it is about one man’s journey into discovering what his purpose is in life; why he was born where he was and the journey he undertook to discover a simple and yet complex fundamental; discovering he was born to serve.

Sach was born in Nice, a picturesque town in France, moving with his parents to Paris when he was just ten years old. About this time he realised that he was born to travel, that this was to be his mission in life as far as he knew it. That by travelling he would learn all he was required to learn to achieve his destiny.

His travels as a young man commence in Venezuela where he meets John, a German-Canadian who teaches him about Generosity and Abundance and so it goes as he moves on to each new destination. Each time he meets specific people, learning something significant and influential before he moves on. His final journey proves to be the most significant when he heads back to Europe, finally landing in Italy and moving on to Assisi, to the holy town of St Francis (San Francesco),then on to the monastery of Monte Subasio where he was adopted by Padre Dietmar.

This proved profound, as this is where he finally discovers his mission on this earth is to Serve!

Part two expands on this journey giving a deeper insight into life journeys, as his or rather  Milan’s journey still continues on towards a deeper understanding of serving his fellow man. He finally arrives at the conclusion that, ‘in everyday life, actions, decisions and choices always exist (sic). Life carries us along without ever condemning us. We are all in transition’ (sic).

Deeply introspective, the journey described is enjoyable, informative and inspirational as it allows you to enter a deeper understanding, a deeper refection upon the course of your life; what you do and why you choose to do what you undertake in your daily existence.

Effectively; everything has a purpose and while you do not always understand this purpose there is one and that will lead you on to completing your ‘moment in eternity’, your life cycle

Author Sach. Tra ns: Ella Flack. Ed & Ill: Eva Gandossini
Publisher Blurb Books
ISBN 978-1-36-468505-8
Distributor Blurb Books
Released December 2015