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Make It Happen Manifest the Life of Your Dreams

Reading through Make It Happen from Jordanna Levin is like taking a walk through the park, feeling refreshed, having left all the angst, problems, so called challenges and stumbling blocks behind in the fresh sparkling air.

But like all things in life, nothing is for free, even something as simple as a walk in the park has to have committed to, to be able to take that walk. So too does the way you choose to live your life. First you have to make a decision and then set out the steps to take to get you to the place you desire.

Manifestation is a word that has become all too familiar over the past twenty years as almost a quick fix to life’s troubles. The dreamed of Mr Right or Mrs Right, that holiday, money in the bank, a new car or whatever you desire should simply appear as if by magic, providing you ‘manifest’ the desire clearly and often enough.

Not so, says Levin. Manifesting is far more than just believing in the fact that something will happen, and it will always be the right things for you. But as she found out, after a serious period of what she considered as being able to manifest all the wrong things into her life, why could she not manifest all the right things.

This revolutionary thought took her on a journey of self-discovery, one that she is sharing in a warm, witty and concept shattering manner: one that offers the challenge to all that, Yes, you can manifest what you require in your life, but you also have to work towards the end result, which takes time, energy, commitment and a deep belief in self and self-love.

Set out in two distinct sections The Theory and The Practice, the book now becomes a workbook to the rest of your life, one filled with all that is right to have in your life, and the reasons why it is right.

Encompassing all the aspects of looking at the stumbling blocks encountered along the way, Levin uses her personal experiences as a guide on what not to do, and shares her foolproof recipe for manifesting your hearts desires.

She repeats often that everyone manifests in their lives without realising what they are doing, so anything is definitely possible once self-love and self-respect becomes an everyday component of your life, accepting when things don’t work out as expected, considering this as another life lesson and moving on along the pathway of manifestation.

Make It Happen is a ‘self-help’ book with a wonderful pathway enclosed to empowerment, the ability to live a full and rich life with the ability to create anything you want in your life.

AuthorJordanna Levin
PublisherMurdoch Publications
DistributorMurdoch Books
ReleasedMay 2019