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Numerology and your Child

That the children of today are the saviours and the basis of the future of our planet is not a new concept; they are and will be the leaders tomorrow, the leaders of the future, the new pioneers and inventors of things not yet conceived or even in many instances perceived.

But who are these wunderkinder, why are they so different to the generations who have gone before and the generations who are their parents or parents to be? In the era of alternates there is a consideration that the children being born into today’s world are far more spiritually advanced than ever before; that their energy fields are considered to vibrate to a much higher frequency.

A new kind or style of energy is being born with these children, an energy based on pure love which comes from the heart. Through this new vibration, mankind is being encouraged to seek a higher consciousness.

But as the authors have stated, to be able to understand more fully the children of today there is a great need to understand their intelligence, in order to encourage the best results for the child as an individual and also as a member of a changing order in society.

To this end they have created this wonderful book based firmly in the ancient art of Numerology in order to present a new perspective, a new understanding of human nature.

Based on the science of mathematics with a dash of astrology and an understanding of philosophy, Numerology can be used as it was in ancient times, to gain some serious information about your child or children and along the way, a little bit more about you.

Children are very new little people who are largely, as far as their characters and who they will eventually become, an unknown force yet to be discovered. So many children are at a young age, tech ‘savvy’, intuitive, innovative, and inspired and in some cases incredibly gifted in the arts.

As a parent of this new generation, wondering about so many things, Numerology is an excellent place to start discovering and understanding their child’s or children’s behaviour patterns and by doing so understand how to work with, encourage and set family guidelines, so they will gain the required and appropriate skills to equip them for a future far different from today.

Each of the steps has been explained in clear detail, the grid required a little later, set out in an easy to understand style, as are the explanations to the meaning of the number sequences involved with your child’s numbers.

For parent’s to be, choosing a child’s name is in important. A chapter has been included to help those who wish to choose a name filled with spirituality and deeper meaning, which also provides a fascinating look at just what the letters of your name mean!

Beautifully presented and well explained Numerology and your Child will prove to be as fascinating and informative as it will be helpful towards providing insights for tomorrow’s children as they forge a new pathway through their lives into the ever beckoning future.

Author Jeanne Prosser and Penelope Ditchburn
Publisher Animal Dreaming Publishers
ISBN 978-0-9945248-6-7
Distributor aminal Dreaming Publishers/Pheonix Distributors
Released July 2017