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Pagan Portals – Have a Cool Yule How-To Survive (and Enjoy) the Mid-Winter Festival

This may be a little late for you to be able to utilise the contents of this book for this Christmas, but it will certainly be a great guide for next Christmas, one that, for those whom, while they enjoy Christmas, do not enjoy the cost, family drama’s and consumption of far too much rich, festive season foods.

How to survive the festive season is an annual issue that in many cases never seems to be able to come to a totally amicable conclusion, which when you look at the basis for gathering at this time of year, to celebrate in the Christian tradition, the happy advent of the birth of Jesus, does eventually lead to the idea that perhaps there is a better, easier, less stressful way to celebrate.

Christmas is not traditionally a Christian festival, as it travels far further back in time than what could be considered as the Christian application of what was already a feasting time, anchored firmly in what many refer to as Pagan times or folkloric, but in reality had a very definite purpose, that of utilisation of resources, foods and the slow passing of the winter season.

Known by many names such as Winter Solstice or Mid-Winter Festival, Saturnalia, Yalda, or simply Yule, the modern name, Christmas (Christs-mass) was created along with the Gregorian calendar and the Christianising of the feast time. When the 25th of December was the date proclaimed to be officially celebrated as the birth of Jesus, many of the old pagan celebrations either died out or became a part of the modern Christmas celebrations, although the traditional time of 12 Days of celebration remained entrenched, though for many the meaning has been lost in time.

As you look back through time, to the alternate or pagan meaning and reasons why, so many of the modern celebrations make sense: where did plum pudding come from, why is so much food consumed, or purchased only at Christmas time, why do we consider gathering as family group, even when we hate the idea? So many aspects to wonder about and throughout the pages of this wonderful book, which will soon become your bible on the subject matter of Christmas, you will find the answers.

Fascinating, educational and in many cases a guideline to sanity in an otherwise insane time, the true story and history behind Christmas makes for fascinating reading.

The Victorian’s took Christmas to an unprecedented scale, focusing on the wealthy of society and to a large degree overlooking the poor, with the industrial revolution slowly bringing Christmas into what was once and for a short time an affordable celebration. How the world has changed!

Heading up Chapter 5, The Art of Interaction, the poet Brendan Kennelly observes,’ Christmas is a season of contradictions. The very idea of Christmas has something contradictory about it…….What is Christmas anyway? Is it the celebration of one of the world’s most significant spiritual events? Or is it an orgy of commercialism, a cynical exploitation of the dreams of children and the end-of-year exhaustion of adults?’


Perhaps he has a very valid point because whether you be Christian or Pagan or atheist, Christmas is a spiritual time, and has been since its inception; therefor, perhaps the entire event needs to be reviewed, so that next Christmas people can come together to enjoy the event in peace, happiness and enjoyment, which after all was the original intent.

Have a Cool Yule to one and all, courtesy of Melusine Draco and her wonderful words of wisdom, offered in the hope that Christmas can once again become a celebration of the good and the simple pleasures of life, to be found in a combination of pagan and Christian traditions.

AuthorMelusine Draco
PublisherJohn Hunt Pulishing
DistributorMoon Books
ReleasedNovember 2017