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Pandora’s Gift

We meet up with Pandora for the third phase of her journey, with as always, something happening in her more or less permanent relationship with Jay.

Jay is looking at reforming his band Jay and the Jailers which mean his former partner Gabi will be on tour with him. As Gabi is a rather voluptuous creature this, in Pandora’s way of looking at things, could mean trouble. This could be one thing that will tip the finely balanced nature of their relationship overboard; a relationship that had been on and off and on again over the years. Mostly off at this particular time.

As Pandora is an enlightened being of some repute she is a little mystified as to what it is that seems to be drawing her close to Andrew Truman, a promoter, and a man it would appear she has little or nothing in common; but is a man who could be holding the solution to her and Jays financial difficulties, with a tour for his band on offer.

It is not until she is advised that Cassiel, has once again come back into her life to work with her, she begins to understand, if not accept, that there are changes heading her way once again.

As the days  unfold she is told she will bear a child and that this child will go on to carry out works that will be of massive benefit to the people and the environment.This of course raises a raft of questions as Pandora is no longer young and has serious doubts about the “Mother Mary’ scenario into which she is she is being lead.

As with all things in Pandora’s life, nothing goes as planned; with an Angel in charge and help from  his friends, a mysterious and mystical elixir and Pandora’s ability to complicate matters, what can possibly happen?

As this is the final book in the Pandora trilogy the finale is fitting. The first book Transforming Pandora, follows onto Squaring Circles which segues effortlessly into Pandora’s Gift, all guided by Cassiel, an Angel we met in the first book, who has been there to guide and protect Pandora throughout her journey.

The words of the indomitable Angel Cassiel sums the essence of the trilogy up beautifully:

The cycles of nature are reflected in your life

Autumn is the perfect time to release old cares to make way for new growth

Be like the trees whose leaves must fall

Allow your true nature to be laid bare

But in the eyes of Pandora, she has finally come to understand that whatever is sent to you in life you should accept with grace, go with the flow and hold on to the belief that ‘all has happened just as it should’.

A beautiful completion to a work that has captured the heart, the imagination and very essence of life, living and ultimately, the spiritual entity we each have  deep inside.



AuthorCarolyn Mathews
PublisherJohn Hunt Publishing Ltd
DistributorRoundfire Books