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Kate Mantello hardly looks like the archetypical natural healer. She wears tats, combat boots and classes herself as a spiritual rebel; someone who survives and is a soul searcher, someone who faces her pain, stands strong in spiritually and does things her own way. She talks her walk and calls it as it is!

After more than thirteen years as a crystal healer, councilor and transpersonal psychologist she shares in Rock On her journey, the philosophy behind who she is and how her healing practice developed; from a sceptic seeking healing after a severe injury, to a woman secure in her chosen field; that of healer and journeywoman, Rock On is impressive, informative and liberating.

Beautifully presented the book is not overly large and looks at how the journey begins, the methodology she has developed and the basic reasons why crystal healing or simply working with glorious rich, colorful stones is an art form constantly evolving within the practitioner and the client.

Handbook is perhaps a better description, as the text is set out in an easy to read format, designed for beginners or novices to the healing arts, but jammed packed full of information, delivered in a comfortable manner. The photography throughout the pages is perfectly created to not only enhance the words, but also to offer a mental pause allowing the previous information to be considered and remembered.

Part 1 is a very informative section that looks at the foundations, physics and metaphysics, healing crystals and their chakras, which forms the basis for further understanding of the power of stones and their capabilities.  Part 2 looks at the energy highways and the various ‘tools’ to begin the healing journey. This is a particularly informative section as it takes a firsthand look at the various modalities and specifically why crystals are place on the various chakras in a particular order.

Part 3 sets out the various body layouts used and developed over the years of practice which, while they may not be ‘traditional’, are effective and prefect for the beginner to utilize and understand the reasons for the various layouts.  The more advance layouts are for the person with experience looking perhaps for an alternate style or alternative method of using crystals. There is an excellent Index of Crystal Body layouts at the end of this Section.

From One Spiritual Rebel to Another is her final word which is full of basic commonsense for the novice. Kate Mantello underlines the basic tenant of all healing journey’s and requirements for anyone who is considering undertaking healing work. Most importantly she states that to first begin the journey you need to comfortable with who you are, happy with your spiritual journey: ‘at all times begin your healing work from your place of highest intention and focus on where you feel most called’.

Rock On challenges the traditional, presents the alternative and is treasure of handbook that will become an essential addition to your healing work, whether it is for yourself, your partner or use in a wider healing framework.

Author Kate Mantello.
Publisher Rockpool Publishers
ISBN 9781925946543
Distributor Rockpool Pulishers
Released September 2021