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Seven Ages of the Goddess

Goddess have been around since ancient times, have their own place in the history of so many cultures, all of whom are surrounded in mystery and mysticism, are known by many different names such as Gaia, Ishtar, Lilith, Mary, Kali, depending on the culture or cult with which they are associated.

Divided into seven sections Seven Ages Of The Goddess, is made up of a collection of authors who contribute to the understanding of this very old subject matter, offering a modern perspective which further explores who are the Female Divines, which in today’s world of re-establishing the traditional male, female roles of society, makes very interesting reading.

Drawing subject matter from Ancient Goddess, Christian goddess, as well as those hidden in folkloric, they offer a more modern understanding of traditional thought as well as giving consideration to what could be considered as tomorrow’s Goddess.

Each section is such that it can be read as a standalone section or piece by piece, depending on the information required. The subject matter is diverse, fascinating and informative, presenting clearly each of the Goddess in their full splendour.

For anyone who is interested this aspect of Spirituality, wonders about the reality of such an existence, are intrigued with the mysteries that have grown up around Goddess, consider, in the words of Jane Meredith ‘that these writings can be an entry point, a provocation and a jumping off point for your own exploration’.

AuthorEdited by Trevor Greenfield,
PublisherMoon Books
DistributorMoon Books
ReleasedSeptember 2018