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Soul Murmurs

Anita Neilston takes us on an inspirational journey, in her second book Soul Murmurs as she shares her descent from ‘ normal ‘ life as a teacher into a black hole of illness and despair.

Recovery from severe burnout, in a form of fatigue so bad she was relegated to her bed for days on end, eventually being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, M.E. (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), depression and anxiety, saw her seeking a better, more wholistic way to live her life. She began to write, commenced meditation and eventually found peace, healing and a new purpose to her life.

Her emergence from that awful place with a new perception and understanding of life and nature is shared with us through her story which is offered in the form of short stories, lyrics, poems and prayers, plus exercises in compassion to follow.

The book is divided into four seasons with a wonderful selection of pieces to select from at random.

My suggestion is to read this lovely book from cover to cover and then keep it nearby. Open it at any page, if feeling down, and find a positive message to help you through your day.

A thought-provoking book.

Dip into Soul Murmurs and float in its spiritual lagoon of tranquillity.

Author Anita Neilson
Publisher John Hunt Publishing
ISBN 978-1789041118
Distributor O-Books
Released July 2019