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Spirituality, Healing and Me

In her second book Spirituality, Healing and Me, Ilana Estelle once again uses her personal journey to share the wisdom she has gathered as she has faced the many challenges of growing up and living with Cerebral Palsy, which she was not diagnosed with until she was in her forties.

Having made the decision not to focus on the negatives that life can bring, she began writing to try and understand better her pathway in life and perhaps more importantly, begin to learn about who she was and what she really wanted to do with her life.

In an abstract manner, Spirituality has or has always been a part of her life. As a child she understood there was something around her that was different, not just physically but mentally and emotionally. It was not until she decided she need to make some serious changes to her lifestyle and ventured down the Spiritual pathway, she really began to understand the true beauty and richness that can be life and living.

Spirituality, Healing and Me could be considered as a hand book for those about to embark on a voyage of personal discovery, as Estelle has set out each of the sections with an introduction to the subject matter to be offered within the Section, then subheadings dealing with everything from Understanding Spirituality to, interestingly, the effects COVID has had and is still having on our lives and society structure, which makes a somewhat fascinating conclusion to the Book.

As the pages turn, she shares her thoughts on so many of the everyday aspects we all ponder over and frequently wonder about, such as Accountability, The Law of Cause and Effect, The Loss of a Loved One, Mirroring Internal Thoughts and so very much more.

Perfect for the person beginning their Spiritual Journey Spirituality, Healing and Me can be read in sections, dipped into to seek an alternative point of view, to bring healing and understanding, or read from cover to cover and then returned to relevant areas to select the piece that resonates.

Author Ilana Estelle
Publisher Red Door Press
ISBN 978-1913062668
Distributor Amazon
Released May 2022