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The Buddhist Way A Brief Introduction to Buddhism

Buddhism is a science, or some may say a religion, or at the very least a way of life which in the busy, challenging world of today, is becoming popular for the basis of the belief that is stepped in a wide range of factors; those of tradition, culture, teaching and practices from many countries, that have been collectively formed into what was once simply known as the Dharma (truth or teaching) but has now become known as Buddhism or Buddha-dharma.

This practice or tradition has existed for many centuries and therefor it begs the question, why now in the 21 Century has it become popular, ‘highly visible to the modern gaze’? The answer to that question is probably as varied as the style of Buddhism practiced with a no ‘none size, fits all’ answer to be found.

Nagapriya takes the novice or the seeker through a basic understanding of the philosophy which underpins all the various teaching and practices, beginning with an Introduction pointing the way forward and then leading into Part 1: The Three Jewels: The Buddha, The Dharma and then the Sanga, the beginning, the middle and the finale that looks at who and what is the Buddha, the Four Noble Truths and the Sangha; pathways which can be a source of support and inspiration.

Part 2: the Threefold Way looks at the Ethics, Meditation of which many are familiar, and the Wisdom of what is considered as the three elements of the spiritual path of which the seeker travels.

Concluding the book is an edifying look at Buddhism Today, a short history of modern Buddhism and its challenges as well what is considered as the Buddhist revolution, known as the Dharma Revolution which has been taking place in some of the poorest parts of India since 1950.

For anyone who is seeking enlightenment, has an interest in perhaps following the Buddhist way, or looking for some additional meaning in their life, this easy to understand, ‘brief sketch’ of the main teachings or underpinnings of this fascinating way of life is the prefect answer.

It is pointed out by Nagapriya, that reading about something is perhaps the easy way to understand a new concept as many of the personal challenges have been removed. The correct way, once the reading is complete, is to join a ‘living spirit’ community to meaningfully explore the pathway to what could be a deeper and more meaningful life.

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