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The Divine Human, The Final Transformation of Sacred Aging

John C. Robinson certainly has the creds to be able to talk about spirituality, religion and the psychology that underpins the many various philosophies that we are guided by, as we travel our pathway through life. Having spent most of his working life teaching, studying or consulting in this area of what could easily be called mysticism, he ventures a giant step forward to pose a question: what if, as we at various ages, contemplate that mystery called GOD only to discover that perhaps, after everything is stripped away that we are already divine.

OK you say, this is a far-fetched possibility that is either completely out there, or makes an incredible amount of sense. If you look at the stages of life we pass though, each stage bringing with it a differing belief about religion and spirituality, until one reaches the final or the third stage of life that there is serious consideration given to exactly what is ‘divine’ and how is this relevant to the God figure prevalent in all religions and spiritual beliefs worldwide.

In this ground breaking work Robinson shares his own beliefs in this matter, experienced on a very personal basis, to allow you to discover something he has known for most of his life, that ‘we are all divine, we are all God’.

Interesting is it not, that when you really begin to look at what this is all about, it is very difficult to refute the point that perhaps Robinson is onto something rich and wonderful here; something that makes a good deal of sense if you truly take the time to sit and relate to what you are discovering, as you take each chapter of the book, one step at a time.

As this is more than just another discourse by a learned person, at the end of each chapter there are Journaling Questions to encourage you to take what you are reading seriously. In case you get a little overwhelmed by the information, he has thoughtfully added a Conclusion to each of the chapters to clarify what has been read.

Robinson talks about negativity and how that makes you feel, the barriers that are set up by either yourself or your religious beliefs, to prevent you understanding fully the divine person you already are; There is a wonderful chapter on Dissolving the False Self which will resonate deeply with people seeking a new pathway in spirituality as will Being in the Divine World.

Beautifully written and presented, ending with the final chapter devoted to I Am God this is a work that once read, studied and understood, will definitely change the quality and understanding of the life that you will choose to undertake as you deepen your ability to become a divinely conscious being.

AuthorJohn C. Robinson
ReleasedSeptember 2016