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The Ecology of the Soul

‘A Manual of Peace, Power and Personal Growth for Real People in the Real World’

If you are seriously into making changes within your lifestyle, within yourself and the way you see the world about you, this is definitely the book for you.

Billed as a guide for the ‘real people in the real world’ it is a bit like a course to rediscovery, focusing on what Walkers considers the Seven Powers; those of ‘Nature, Creativity, Endurance, Love, Communication, Focus and Connection’, or in other words, ‘Soul Consciousness’ and how to get there.

From the beginning he recognises that everyone reading this work is not going to agree with every point made, with every philosophy discussed and every though expounded. This immediately sets the tone for an enjoyable read, which will, if you allow it, definitely make a huge difference to the way you do eventually look at life.

Part 1 deals with the explanation of what, why and how all the many aspects of  ecology, human spirit, the  power of the mind and  most of all habit, play a huge part in how we live our lives and the expectations we have placed on ourselves in the ‘triple bottom line’ world we existing within. That most or many of us search for a better way, a better understanding, and more acceptable and enjoyable understanding of our roles on this earth, we more often than not fail in our search. Walker looks into why we do so and then offers a different , more simplistic way of making changes, thereby ‘rediscovering a more gentle and peaceful way of being’.

Part 11 is when you really start to get into the Seven Spiritual Powers. Each of the powers stands alone in its own chapter and rightly so, as each one is specific and needs to be explained with clarity and guidance. Each one should be studied individually and not as a job lot in the rush to find the answers. By doing so the understanding of each of the Seven Powers is far easier to comprehend. As this is a very in-depth, powerful and comprehensive component of the entire philosophy, it perhaps needs to be undertaken almost as a course of study.

Part 111 titled Power Seeds is a collection of mini-meditations that can be used on a daily basis, are simple and easy to remember but have a powerful energy, a trigger to create, enhance and change your actions.

Walker encourages you to aim for the highest possible result on the pathway to enlightenment but along the way to remember that you are all too human. You will get it wrong but he encourages you to progress on your journey as the more you get right, the more you understand, the happier you become, which is all based on sound philosophes and principals. The ‘60 powerful seconds of daily, active meditation’ seeds to be used each day are there to reinforce, encourage and enjoy.

What have you got to loose; nothing? What have you got to gain; so very, very, much!

Author Aiden Walker
Publisher John Hunt Publishing Ltd
ISBN 978-1-78279-850-7
Distributor 0-Books
Released February 2016