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The Joy of Living: Postponing the Afterlife

When Barry Eaton finally gave in and went to see his Doctor about a few issues he was experiencing with his throat and voice, the worst possible diagnosis was made; throat cancer. For a man who has spent many years making a living using his voice as a radio presenter, voice over narrator, and much more, he was not about to take this diagnosis lightly.

Once the shock receded he began to review his options as to the best way forward, embarking on a journey of faith, trust and modern medicine which was to bring a far greater degree of understanding, to a man whom over many years has become a noted medium, psychic intuitive and astrologer.

Told from a very different perspective Barry begins his story trying to understand just what it is that is really happening to him and why. Is there a deeper meaning and if so what could it be. He discusses the pros and cons of modern medicine and treatments with the more traditional and spiritual options on offer and his internal debate as to the right pathways to choose for him.

His partner of many years and his career during the more than challenging times, Anne Morjanoff, tells her side of the experience, which  sheds a direct, no hold barred light on the sacrifices so many make, when their beloved one faces one of life’s major challenges. She tells of the dark days and the light days, the frustration, sadness and immense tiredness that overcome both the sufferer and career as they walk along the roadway to an uncertain future.

Barry’s son Matt also adds his perspective as he supports his father through numerous clinics and a seemly endless amount of tests, which had the wonderful result of building a far better and stronger bond with his father.

Throughout the period of his illness Barry never stopped seeking an understanding of if this was a part of his life purpose, what was the lesson or lessons he so badly needed to learn and understand. He realised he was not yet ready to move into the Afterlife, but he also faced many challenges on a holistic level as to the correct  or best way to live with and conquer this latest ‘challenge’.

Research into various holistic options introduced him to a range of people, whom with their divine expertise in many fields, combined with the modern treatments saw him eventually, and some would say at long last, develop a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of not just his life’s purpose but also of the people who surround him, the beloved people who are an integral component of his very earthly life, and very definitely a large part of his time on this earth.

At time this very personal look at life when it moves out of control is comical, touching, almost despairing, but as with all of his books, incredibly informative. Barry Eaton definitely shows us all ‘why we should appreciate the joys of living’, each and every day.

AuthorBarry Eaton
PublisherRockpool Publishing
DistributorRockpool Publishing
ReleasedApril 2017