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The Land of the Fae: Merlin’s Quest

Rob Wildwood grew up in Yorkshire, where from a young age he roamed the countryside to in search of the magical and mystical places of fairy, myth and spiritual which abound in Yorkshire. Later he studied many modalities such as Shamanism, Taoism, meditation, drumming and deep breathing techniques in his quest to cross ” the veil” between worlds and enter the ” Otherworld”.

For this book he starts his journey in Merlin’s Cave and through deep meditation, meets Merlin who initiated him into Merlin’s magical circle. He is given a quest which becomes clear as he travels the land of Britain, Scotland and Wales and their islands guided by Merlin and the good queen Maeve.

Through the eyes, emotions and spirituality of Rob, the reader travels with him through these beautiful and arcane sites, streams, waterfalls, lakes, gardens, coved and sacred sites and fairy Dells. With him we clamber over mossy rocks, scramble through bracken and brush, wade through crystal waters, scale hilly crags and stumble into ferny glades as we relentlessly search and find these mystical areas.

His deep love of the land is evident, the folklore associated plus his visionary travels into the ” Otherworld ” is beguiling and enlightening. We meet good and bad fairies, elves, hobgoblins, dragons, St Columba on Iona and Ninian in St Ninians’ Cave, among the many spiritual entities in his book with his quest becoming clear as he reenergises the many waterways along the way.

This fascinating book is truly an esoteric adventure into Rob’s enchanted land of myth legend and reality.


Author Rob Wildwood
Publisher Wyldwood Publishing
ISBN 978-0957543317
Distributor Wyldwood Publishing
Released July 2019