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The Magical Writing Grimoire

Words are the very essence of our society, used to wound, to heal, to inspire, as well as used to create magic, often in ways that are unconscious, directly from the soul, full of love and compassion. Words are powerful regardless of how they are used and in therefor should always be treated with respect, regardless of whether they are being bound together as a  healing spell, used for manifesting, gracing the pages of a journal or spoken out loud.

Lis Marie Basile has gathered together a wonderful collection of words to create the beautifully presented The Magical Writing Grimoire to encourage the use of words to create a gloriously rich witchery as an everyday component of your life.

She sets out in clear form words as a powerful tool, used often carelessly in today world and as in times before to create fear, anarchy and hate, rather than love, understanding and acceptance. Guidance is offered throughout the chapters with the understanding that a written journey will be a personal undertaking into self-discovery, healing and eventually the ability to cast spells and embrace rituals to transform your life.

Regardless of the reason for discovering this book, there is much to be unearthed into the art of writing whether it be for journaling, creative writing, healing or having a go a poetry and prose; simply writing words on paper in itself a can open a doorway to discovering so much about emotions, and when combined with the art of magic, crystals and ritual, can be used to manifest your dreams into reality.

As with many books on magical practices it is best read from beginning to end should a journey into witchcraft be just beginning and then used as required, but if the arcane arts are well understood, The Magical Writing Grimoire is the perfect reference tool to help the development of writing styles, and a to develop a comprehensive understanding of the power of words when used as a ‘Wand for Magic, Manifestation and Ritual’.

A grimoire is a book of magic that may contain spells, conjurations, instructions for divination and the construction of amulets, and other secret knowledge of a supernatural kind; The Magical Writing Grimoire is certainly thus.

Author Lisa Marie Basile
Publisher Quarto US. Imprint: Fair Winds Press
ISBN 9781592339341
Distributor Murdoch Books
Released April 2020