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The Master, The Lover, and Me And all because of The Letter

A simple letter written many years ago, long consigned to time and forgotten; a journey to visit family, a trip to the Rockies to take some time out; three simple everyday events that were to come together to create a massive change in the life of Denise McDermott-King, the results, of which she shares with others, is at the request of the ‘Universe’.

Her story is many things. Incredible, unbelievable, relative and above all beautiful as it shares with all the divine beauty that is there in the everyday, to be re-discovered, shared and lived in fullness.

Her story could be considered as a near death experience, which to some degree it may have well have been, or it could be considered as a journey the many who choose to follow the way to enlightenment, in order to discover the ‘divine’, to reconnect with the spirituality that is there within each person from the day they are born, undertake.

It is both, one and yet the same.

Denise visits the Rocky Mountains to simply take time out to be at one with the world and find a little peace. She stops at a previously known parking spot in the Mountains, making the decision to follow a walking trail a little way. The trail was dusted with a recent fall of snow. The only tracks noticeable were those of a single coyote.

She follows the tracks to an old sweat lodge and realises the tracks enter but do not leave. It is with great care she enters the lodge only to discover nothing there. The coyote calls from outside and she has a movement of indecision but choose to follow the call, realising all too late that she is lost, night is falling and  yes, it is cold and snow is beginning to fall once again.

From there she undertakes a journey into another dimension, aided by a stranger who came to her rescue. There she discovers so very much about life, living, divinity and purpose which concluded with a fresh and new understanding of the world in which we live: a world which appears to be absolutely chaotic, but almost unbelievably has a grand design, a grand plan laid out, of which we all can choose to be a part.

Reading this book will certainly answer many questions, provided much material to be through over, resounding with the perfect truth presented by the ‘amazing beings’ she encountered on her trek and encourage all seekers to continue on towards their truth.

In so many ways, this is a life changing story told with love, truth and humility.


AuthorDenise McDermott-King
PublisherAxis Mundi Books
DistributorAxis Mundi Books
ReleasedNovember 2017