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The Way of The Lover

Your task is not to seek for love.

But to seek and find the barriers within yourself

That you have built against it.

Rumi (1207-1273)

 These words where written, or rather spoken by Rumi, a Persian poet who created some incredible works of poetry, establishing the culture known as the Sufi, based on and in the true and wonderful meaning of love: love of self, love of life, love of fellow man, and mankind. Rumi’s works are still revered, enjoyed and quoted today, and are still as profound in today’s world as they were when first created.

In this work Ross Heaven shares his immense knowledge, based in years of practicing as a psychologist, Sharman and Healer to introduce the seeker to what is True Love, not sexual love, but something far deeper, far greater, far more long lasting and permanent than instant gratification.

Based in and on the many aspects of spirituality, Sufi practice and Spirit medicine this is a course in discovering, or rather rediscovering ‘self’, the love of self and the wonderful, powerful knowledge that to love and be loved is the ultimate goal in being happy.

The work is laid out in a lovely, comfortable manner, illustrated with segments of poetry, case studies, and explanations which will encourage, guide and offer extensive knowledge based on the pathway chosen to explore.

There is much to read and understand, some of it will resonate immediately, some will need to be considered and contemplated, as each of sections deals with an aspect of human expression and feeling; each dealing with the fundamental truths embedded within us all, such as fear, myths, power, relationships and self-knowledge.

Not to be undertaken in a single read, although it is tempting, rather the chapters should be enjoyed, one at a time, the information used to reflect upon, to contemplate and allowed to begin to make a change.

As Heaven says in the closing chapters, ‘Love is action not words’, it is so very much more, it is belief in the innate wisdom we have at birth but so often lose in today’s world.

Rumi suggested that words were not essential, to discovering love, that love is there within us all, all we have to do is listen and let it happen, but in the meantime, while discovering this innate love,   you could do far worse than to use The Way of The Lover, as a guidebook for your journey.

AuthorRoss heaven
PublisherMoon Books
DistributorMoon Books
ReleasedSeptember 2017