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The Year of Talking to Plants The Plants and Fairies Talk in Their Own Words

Gardens are magical places full of amusement, hard work, perfect pleasure, healing, creativity and beauty. They ask for very little, and give so very much to whoever walks through them, creates them or pauses to admire.

But perhaps there is far more magic in the garden than ever expected, or more likely ever openly discussed. In The Year of Talking to Plants, Sarah Rajkotwala has documented a very special year when she opened her mind and senses to the reality that there were indeed times when you shared with the plants and trees in the garden, many things and really did get an answer.

As a keen gardener since a child, she has cultivated gardens wherever she and her family have lived, enjoying the rich delight of creating the ‘cottage style’ gardens, but often working with whatever she had in the climate or region in which she lived.

Many, many times over, when discussing pruning or colours in the garden, plants to be removed or planted she discovered that the plants were or appeared to be, answering or advising her on the next step. Further investigation over a time did reveal there are truly ‘fairies’ at the bottom of the garden, or all over the garden and they love to communicate telepathically, offering their wisdom and knowledge on a very broad spectrum of issues.

As the days and weeks unfolded, and by the time Sarah had reached her 40th year she realised that she had always talked to plants, just never expected them to reply and as it now seemed they were replying, she needed to actually spend time, make an effort and ask about so many things, such as climate, trees, drought and so much more.

Sarah came to understand the wisdom that comes with trees and plants is timeless, ages old and brings with its solutions, wisdom, and ultimately reward, not just on personal basis, but on a world basis, if it is accepted that trees and plants can and will communicate, if and when the conditions and the listener are right.

Indigenous peoples have long known and understood the wisdom within the plant world, using this wisdom successfully for thousands of years, therefor why should it be so surprising in the modern world, that this information and advice is there to be available to those who choose to seek.

As her special year is documented many of the issues, queries and questions often asked by gardeners and environmentalist are answered.

The Year of Talking To Plants is a work of love and understanding laced with a little delicate humour, especially when you consider the humble Broccoli has plenty to say about being grateful and appreciating the good food grown, and the stately gum trees are a fount of knowledge about bees, why they are being decimated and so much more.

The final chapter The Circle of Love completes a fascinating, enjoyable and remarkable journey into the garden and areas far beyond, one journey to be taken a step at a time; a journey you can begin simply by stepping outside into a garden and spending a little time listening and enjoying.

In the words of Sarah Rajkotwala, ‘There is a fairy at the bottom of the garden, and it wants to be your friend’.



Author Sarah Rajkotwala
Publisher CreateSpace
ISBN 9781536855999
Distributor Booktopia
Released May 2017