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Thicker Than Blood

Adoption, Fostering and Step families are issues which have always been surrounded in emotion, whatever the reason. The desire to care for a child from a differing background, or backgrounds, is strong in many people. Most who take on the care of small children through their formative years, from weeks old in many cases, also, as time goes by, face a raft of challenges which can be unique to their and the child situation.

Adoption, particularly of a child from a different culture comes with its own issues, as does fostering and foster care.

Ann Merivale writes from the perspective of both a mother of her own children and also as a mother of an adopted child Christopher, as she revisits the challenges which she found unexpectedly difficult as she struggled to rear this chid, this third son. Often having to confront the issue, ‘did they do the right thing’ by Christopher, when they opened their hearts to him as a the age of two week

Commencing as her story she goes on to expand too many stories from children, now adults who have faced and in many cases settled their own personal demons, who have either been adopted or fostered in the childhood years, which presents an interesting perspective on adoption, per se.

As a Deep Memory Process (DMP) therapist Ann has worked with many of the people who have offered their stories. A number of her clients over the years do not believe in the ‘karma’ and ‘karmic links’ philosophy, but they do believe in the end result, experienced eventually first hand; that whatever went on before they were placed firmly where they needed to be in order to grow into the person they needed to become, is and was, always their destiny.

The words are evocative, telling the stories of so many from differing ethnic groups throwing an entirely different perspective on the very topical, always emotive issues of adoption, foster care and also step-families, where so many of the same conflicts are experienced on the pathway to melding children and adults of differing backgrounds and beliefs.

AuthorAnn Merivale
PublisherSixth Books