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Understanding Modern Spirituality: An Exploration of Your Soul and Higher Truths

For anyone who is seeking a better understanding of Spirituality in today’s world Inna Segal’s latest work, Understanding Modern Spirituality takes a very close and in many instances, deeply personal look at self-healing as well as learning to understand the various influences that affect our daily lives; perhaps more so now than ever before.

Spirituality is not a new concept as it dates back through the ages but how that understanding is used in daily life has certainly changed, not always for the positive. This change has been presented as a point of discussion throughout the Chapters.  Segal also presents a clear perspective on Science verses the concept of physical/spiritual/energetic bodies. What is right and what is wrong, or is it all one and the same?

Segal has, throughout her life journey, tried the various elements of spiritual personal development which were popular at the time, only to discover they were in some cases far from beneficial. Each setback encouraged her to seek further, to discover the right teachers and healers and now she shares that learning in a very simple and straightforward style.

The information contained within Understanding Modern Spirituality has been broken down into topics, which while it is best to read the book from beginning to end, often being able to simply dip into, or source a topic or subject, helps to answer the immediately pressing question.

Each of the topics concludes with a small segment Transformational steps which highlight the points covered in the previous section and will help guide you towards a deeper, richer, more fulfilling personal understanding. 

Cosmic Beings, God, Angelic Beings and their hierarchy are amongst many fascinating subject areas which are discussed, along with the soul journey both upon earth and once death has occurred. This opens the door to the eternally fascinating subject of incarnation, the karmic laws, how this effects our daily lives and the various people we met or have met, on our journey.

In simple terms, the beautifully presented Understanding Modern Spirituality is a course in personal development delivered with love, a wealth of understanding and a genuine desire to share the knowledge gained over a lifetime of seeking and learning.

Author Inna Segal
Publisher Rockpool Publishers
ISBN 9781922785121
Distributor Rockpool Publishers
Released June 2023