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Up Until Now

This autobiography Up Until Now from Petrea King is certainly inspirational. She has had to overcome many physical and emotional hurdles to achieve her dream of helping people in distress. Petrea writes this narrative in the first person, using simple uncluttered language which makes the story immediate and personal. The story is a linear description of the author’s life, and she paints a picture in a reflective style. She shapes our perception of her situation but doesn’t allocate blame to anyone.

As a child, there were factors which greatly influenced a young girl’s sense of worth and place. Her brother was always plagued by mental illness. Petrea loved him so much she always felt the need to shelter and protect him. She learnt in her early years that to be quiet, and unobserved was the way to survive in her family. Then it was discovered that this quiet young girl had a hormone disorder which affected her growth. She was operated on and her bones cut and re-joined; operations which were to affect the rest of her life.

As she grew, Petrea studied and qualified as a naturopath, herbalist, homeopath, yoga instructor, and meditation teacher. She began to care for people facing the end of their days because of AIDS, or cancer, and as well, people with mental conditions. It was thought she could never conceive because of all the xrays she had as a child, but she had two children. Sadly, her husband became violent so she left him. But she herself was diagnosed with cancer and not given long to live.

It was now crucial that Petrea find a way to heal herself. She flew to Italy and sat in a cave used by Francis of Assisi, meditating for several months. Returning home with the limiting notion that she couldn’t do much because her life time was uncertain, she eventually realized she could take a risk and do what she had always wanted, build a retreat, where people could come for healing.

Petrea has written her story in a frank and unadorned style. Her purpose in writing her story seems to be that we all have trauma’s and tragedies in our lives, but we can adjust as she did. She is a great believer in meditation, and answering the questions, “Am I living the life I came here to live?” and “Does each of us have a preordained purpose, or do we choose it?”

She knew that Love is in the detail and helps all of us. She has written books on meditation, and produced soundtracks to follow. Her Quest for Life foundation has helped thousands of sick and lost people.

Author Petrea King
Publisher Allen and Unwin
ISBN 9781760297336
Distributor Allwn and Unwin
Released September 2017