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Wabi Sabi: The Wisdom in Imperfection

Nobuo Suzuki, introduction by Hector Garcia, foreword by Hector Garcia, translated by Russell Calvert

Small, compact and containing a powerful message Wabi Sabi is the perfect guide to accepting that life is anything other than perfect, it is imperfect, always has been and always will be, and in in accepting this imperfection as fact, life become so much less stressful, and distressing.

Nobuo Suzuki is an author and philosopher who studied Art and Literature in Europe before returning to Japan after many years of travel. During this time of travel and writing he discovered a method of connecting Zen with a range of therapies and now works with clients who are making life changes using alternative methods.

 The wisdom he has accumulated over this time is shared in Wabi Sabi, a comprehensive guide to the time old Japanese tradition of life, humanity, art, lifestyle and so much more, that means something very different to everyone. No two people will have the same answer which allows the seeker to discover what is there to be found in their journey.

For the Japanese imperfect is considered as perfection; the broken bowl repaired is considered a stronger vessel, a work of art requiring great skill, a piece with its own specific story, a simple and yet powerful metaphor for the human: damaged, broken and yet repaired to become stronger, wiser and richer for the experience.

There are three principles of Wabi Sabi; nothing is perfect, nothing is finished and nothing lasts forever. As the pages unfold there are mediations to reflect upon, wisdoms offered and life lessons shared which all encourage understanding of a life that, no matter how much we try to believe is forever, simply is not, cannot be and as life is fleeting, it is perhaps best to understand that in imperfection is peace, in simplicity is understanding, and as the Buddha once said very philosophically ‘I am always beginning’.

Underpinning lessons offered throughout the book are those of acceptance, understanding and living in the moment to allow the beauty of life to offer healing, hope and reprieve from the manufactured pressures of stress and distress so prevalent in the world of today’s eternal hunting for perfection.

Is Wabi Sabi magic? A pertinent question and one only the journeyman can answer, as they consider, contemplate and understand the richness to be found that by accepting imperfection life changes, burdens become lighter and life becomes enjoyable once again.

Wabi Sabi is gem of work that will easily fit into a bag or desk draw and one that will become a treasured work to be read on those dismal days when spirits need a lift, life seems to be dark and hope needs a little reassurance.

Author Nobuo Suzuki
Publisher Tuttle Publishing
ISBN 9784805316313
Distributor New South Books
Released April 2021