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Wisdom and Wit

301 Gems to Grow and Grin

Wisdom and Wit from Shanti Rose is the perfect book to give to yourself when you need a little spoiling. Full of wonderful little affirmations or concepts for life, each of the ‘truisms’ make for enjoyable strolling through the pages, particularly when there is need of a laugh or slightly different perspective, or perhaps a little old fashioned wisdom, one might say.

There are 301 of these lovely little gems, to be enjoyed with at least one perfect for nearly every occasion, or at least 301 of life’s little moments.

This style of book is generally created to allow the reader to simply open the book at any given page and the first series of words the eye arrives at, is the required wisdom sought which would be ideal with this book, as it is simply put, many years of innate wisdom captured in brief.

At the conclusion of the ‘wisdom’ there is a lovely collection of Visionary Art also from Shanti Rose, each piece vibrant in their colours and designed to bring a burst of feel-good energy into the day. Each piece comes with a lovely little descriptor with a delightful message or affirmation attached.

When using this second section of the book select a piece and simply sit and dwell on the painting allowing it to tell you a story and then read the description that accompanies each work. The message is powerful and most enjoyable.

Shanti Rose is a visionary, artist and writer who reaches out to all in need of a little solace and direction in their life through her art and insightful wisdom. In doing so she invites you to heal and discover a vast array of answers or differing perspectives to some of life’s many mysteries.


Author Shanti Rose
Publisher Turquoise River Publications
ISBN 9781959965008
Distributor Barnes and Noble
Released March 2023