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Gang Culture: Violent acts, drugs, drive by shootings, home invasions and rape! Brett Stevens has seen it all as part of his roles in the NSW Police Force: 13 years of working in Sydney’s infamous red-light district of King’s Cross followed by years in the Tactical Response Group.  In his book ‘A Hard Place’ Brett shares his firsthand knowledge of the spread of gang culture across the world.

In order to enhance his knowledge of the culture of gangs, Brett spent several years gaining firsthand experience of gangs in Los Angeles, USA. To further develop his understanding, he went to work in a Californian group home facility, which allowed him the opportunity to study gang members more closely. Here discovered that not all gang members were evil, but many shared his values of respect, courage and duty.

In ‘A Hard Place’ Brett explores not only the issues of migration on a country’s increasing gang violence but also the effects of lawless communities and the availability of guns.  By investigation the origins of the many gangs, he has encountered, he is able to explain their differences, both in membership and impact on their communities. His book documents the strong links between the drug trade and gangs. By the use of statistics he effectively supports his theories and conclusions.

For those who have followed the current debate concerning “African Gangs” this book is an excellent resource for enhancing the understanding of the rise of gang related offences and the role of culture and racial heritage of the gang members. True Crime readers will also find this an interesting and compelling read.

AuthorBrett Stevens
PublisherNew Holland Publishers
DistributorNew Holland Publishers
ReleasedOctober 2017