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Aliens & UFOs : A Young Person’s Guide

There are many “Young person’s guide to…” books available now. This is a terrific series to introduce subjects which are not diluted by stories, but just involve facts, theories and speculation. The book on cannibalism should be popular. This book focusses on Aliens and UFOs in an organized and linked manner.

The first chapter poses the question,” Is anybody out there?” The following information is provided in a dot point format which makes it easy to follow. It is made clear which points are facts and which are theories. Again, the author makes the facts clear, and suggests that the numbers mentioned mean there is a chance that other planets have evolved life forms.

A discussion follows about actual sightings or close encounters which have been reported. Not surprisingly, pilots are among the people most likely to report strange objects from a distance, and close encounters can come in many forms. In World War 2, a squadron of B29 bombers was flying towards Japan when the co-pilot noticed a strange craft. It was also spotted by other planes in the formation, and it was reported.

Many countries have files on aliens and it seems the “Greys” are the most common kind. Their physical features show that they spend most of their time in spacecraft or indoors. Possibly Greys communicate using telepathy, so they don’t need a large mouth. Another thing is they don’t appear to have sexes. That is, they are androgynous. Fascinating!

Along with the multitude of facts presented in this book, examples of drawings of aliens are copied from rock art in the Kimberley Ranges. There are helpful charts for the would- be Astrophysicist, such as an “Alien Hunter’s Field Kit,” and a check sheet to see if you have been abducted by Aliens.

This is a book that can be read at any chapter and the reader can appreciate the sheer volume of facts (and theories) presented. The drawings support the text beautifully and blend in with the black and white format. This is a great fun, and almost, reference book to mull over.

AuthorJJ Moore and PJ Fairfax
PublisherNew Holland
DistributorNew Holland
ReleasedAugust 2019