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Blood Of Avalon

Billed as the secret history of the royals this is a deep and fascinating look into the accessorial history or genealogical trail, if you like, for today’s modern royal family.

Fine detail backed by many years of research and collaboration have gone into tracing whether King Arthur and the town of Camelot really existed or whether it is a myth perpetuated down over the centuries to become one of the world’s most romantic tragedies.

It turns out that Camelot and all its many and colourful residents really did exist, just not in Glastonbury, but in Wales.

The ancestral trail leads back, time and time again to Caerleon, in Glamorgan/Gwent, Wales. The more investigating, researching and following of hunches over several years indicates this is the place which is the birthplace of Arthur and the Knights of the round Table along with the legends associated with the Kingship.

Along with the geological history Gilbert also presents a crash course in the history of early Britain and Wales, which in itself is fascinating, intriguing plot, sub plot and engineering of facts to fit development, such as Glastonbury and the historical significance of this town.

How does this fit in with today’s royals, the tragic death of Diana and the rise of William and Kate as they become the future of the British royals?

That and so much more makes far more than an intriguing read, it makes up a possible brief view of what may be to come and also provides an new look at what is perhaps one of the most intriguing look back at the machinations over many years to create and perpetuate that which was not so, to promote that which maybe or could have been.

Be prepared to become deeply involved in this walk through history and sort out the clues for yourself to come to your own conclusion or is Gilbert on the right trail?

AuthorAdrian Gilbert
PublisherAllen & Unwin