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Chase Darkness with Me: How One True-Crime Writer Started Solving Murders

How the tools for cracking cold cases have changed over the last five years! Only ten years ago true crime readers could not have envisaged that social media and familial DNA, would become important weapons in the apprehension of the ‘monsters’ still walking the streets. Cases which have been dormant for decades are now being resolved and finally the victims’ families are obtaining some sort of ‘closure’.

Billy Jensen in his book ‘Chase Darkness With Me’ explains his passion for solving some of the enormous backlog of cold cases, to achieve an element of justice for the victims. His book explores a wide spectrum of cases; some of which are solved and other yet to be solved.

His unorthodox method of investigation relies heavily on social media (in particular Facebook) and his willingness to reach out to the victims’ families and friends. The author clearly explains how he uses Facebook to target his audience by using the victims/perpetrators’ personal and geographical details when constructing his page. He thus ensures the best value for money.

This book is highly recommended to true crime enthusiasts, who are latent detectives. They will find Billy Jensen’s final chapter extremely useful in fulfilling their desire to follow in the author’s footsteps. In this chapter he clearly explains the steps necessary to solve a crime through crowdsourcing. However, his perseverance and dedication to his cause cannot be underestimated; they are the main ingredients, which allow him to have more than a modicum of success.

His appetite for taking vicious criminals off the street is what has kept him focused.

Author Billy Jensen
Publisher Source Inc
ISBN 978-1492685852
Distributor New South Books
Released August 2019