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Dr Space Junk vs The Universe: Archaeology and the future

The Foreword of this book explains the perspective that the author has taken in describing the connection between Archaeology and space junk. All of the detritus that humans have sent into space and onto the moon, will one day become an issue for the future. It will tell of historic times and efforts to progress the knowledge and understanding of space. It will also hopefully stimulate another step to the moon and hopefully beyond.

We are entering a new era, where access to space is becoming more viable for private operators. Wealthy entrepreneurs are beginning to develop commercial space flight systems. Conflict has been the driving force behind space exploration in the past, but now, in times of peace, we have had thirty years of space culture.

After much consideration, the author decided that she would like to study space travel and its implications from an archaeological point of view, looking not only at the solar system, but the world politics and customs behind this exercise.

She has looked at the space theorists, Peter Hayes and Charles D. Lutes, who suggested there were periods within the space age; the First Period was driven by the cold war, with the Second Space age from 1991 until today considers information gathering as its primary source. It is possible that the next phase of space activity will be possibly moving towards a “Multi planet species,” living on the Moon and Mars.

This is an informed and intense look at the future and in particular, how it will involve humans in space. What will death be like? What will life spans and expectations be? Be prepared to have an open mind and to mull over the fascinating and compelling musings of our future from an expert in our past.

AuthorAlice Gorman
PublisherNew South Publishers
DistributorNew South Books
ReleasedApril 2019