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Now the much loved series The Block is over for another year, the release of this book by Darren Palmer is timely, as we have all sat glued to the tellie trying to work out just how they got that room to look so smart, funky or elegant, with just a few items. The end result is, we are all fired up for do that ‘reno’, preferably before the family gather for Christmas, and desire to be able to achieve at least a modicum of that ‘WOW’ factor, as seen on the tellie; because you rationalise, if they can, I most definitely can!

In HomeSpace, Darren Palmer walks you thought the many and varied steps required to be able to dress your room with that same panache and flair that looks so simple to achieve, but really is quite challenging.

Over five case studies, all vastly different, he talks about structure, design, colour, layering, focal points and putting the pieces of the puzzle together, to achieve the required effects.

His style is like his designs, comfortable and very easy to be able to relate too, and as you work your way through the various case studies you are getting a crash course in interior design, second to none, as has been proven by his track record over the years.

Regardless of your budget, there will be something for every taste to be discovered through the pages, as he offers tips on mixes and matches to achieve such a wonderful, modern, comfortable variety of looks and styles.

In the Pieces of a Puzzle segments he has used the same furniture simply changed the cushions, the items in the rooms, the fabrics used for texturing or layering, to create five different effects within the one area. This shows how to be able to shop to your budget and still create something special within a simple setting.

As each of the projects are real life commissions carried out by Palmer, and he talks you through the many steps required to achieve the ultimate result, it gives an inside perspective of how the client brief and budget can be turned into something which, up until the point of commencing work, is just words, swatches and colours on paper.

There is much to be learned and enjoyed throughout the pages, as you work your way slowly through the information. The glorious colour plates add that touch of luxury to an interesting and informative work which will stand the test of time, as there is no one particular style addressed just the solid foundations of good style, design, structure, impact and design elements required, in whatever stylish medium you choose to work within.


Author Darren Palmer
Publisher Murdoch Books
ISBN 9781743367032
Website http:/
Distributor Murdoch Books
Released September 2016