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This small book is one that should be readily available to all parents of pre-school children. It is a wealth of information to prepare children for the important aspects of education and schooling. The book is well set out and easy to read and follow. Some of the chapters deal with issues such as, “The Age Debate, Physical Development, Emotional Development, Independence, Literacy, Numeracy, Selecting a School, Supporting your child through the first year,” and a reading list is provided.

Many countries have different policies about the age that a child should begin school. Ideally, the school should cater for children at their individual stage when they first enter formal education. Most children will have attended a kindergarten and will have had some experience in separation, structure of time and play rules. This is a definite advantage for those beginning their schooling. For young children, the links between play and learning are strong, and help to develop many skills. The author stresses that teachers are the important ingredient in this mix.

The chapter on physical development is excellent in its explanations of what sort of activities are needed to help with fine and gross motor skills. For a positive result in learning, students need to develop skills which will help them with spatial awareness and literacy skills. Sliding, swinging and hanging upside down, are just a few activities that are used to develop vestibular and proprioceptive senses.

Looking at your child’s emotional development and independence, there is a checklist suggested that can help the parent decide if their child is ready for school, and to plan to strengthen issues which arise. A great guide! The author also looks at the child’s social development. There again, there are suggestions that can be used to help children learn to respond to a greeting, or to ask plainly for something they need. Friendships can be cultivated by parents to further children’s social development. Teaching positive social skills is part of a family responsibility, and again, we have helpful suggestions for language to use.

It seems that the author has covered most aspects of pre- schoolers and their readiness to begin formal education. As a Specialist Educator, Mother and Author, Karen Seinor has had a great deal of experience in this area. The fact that she has written this easy- to- follow guide clearly outlines her understanding of the structure and steps that children follow in their development. She encourages parents to liaise closely with their child’s teacher, as the most support and help can be arranged for the child if needed.

Is My Child Ready For School is a book which would benefit all parents who wish to give their child the very best start to education that is possible.


Author Karen Seinor
Publisher New Holland Publishers
ISBN 9781921024849
Distributor New Holland Publishers
Released 2018