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Know Your Birds Australia’s Most Common Birds revised edition

Backyard bird lovers and watcher are going to really enjoy Know Your Birds  Australia’s Most Common Birds– revised edition from Louise Egerton, a well presented, well-constructed collection of the every-day birds that grace the landscapes of Australia, many familiar and many not so familiar, depending on where you live, travel or work.

Clearly illustrated with birds captured in their habitat they stand proud in their fine feathers with the facing page presenting details and habits of the bird, as well as their particular quirks, scientific facts and general background.

Beginning with the Australian Bush Turkey that generally reside along the east coast of Australia they are a rather astonishing site to behold. It is considered this is a species which evolved in Australia and is no relation at all to the ‘Christmas’ turkey, despite what could be considered as interesting similarities.

The much loved and enjoyed Galah, found widely throughout Australia could be considered as the entertainer of the bird world, as they are often to be seen swinging upside down from the branches and telegraph wires, holding noisy conversation and generally enjoying what they are doing. Galahs bond for life and generally have a long-life span.

Wattlebirds seem to be somewhat drab, with only a few splashes of colour to define their spies and sex, while the elegant and beautiful Black Swans, also found throughout Australia are considered to bond for life and help each other in rearing of the young. Theses are simply a few of the array listed in the book and can easily be discovered on a daily basis.

In total there are 80 native Australian birds found commonly and widely throughout Australia. Their lifestyles and photographs are listed in easy to understand language, offering all the information the casual bird watcher would need to know about the bird. The clear photographs, nice and large for a change, also offer easy comparison opportunities.

One very important aspect of the book is the Introduction which sets out the philosophy for this easy to use book, with the addition of a small glossary of useful words such as dabblers, monotreme, and also includes ‘Twitchers’, rather than Birders.

Enjoy this excellent revised edition of Know Your Birds, perfect for the occasional Birder or casual observer of rural or suburban birds and their everyday antics.

AuthorLouise Egerton
PublisherNew Holland Publishers
DistributorNew Holland Publishers
ReleasedOctober 2019