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Mima was let down by many; colleagues, the police in the first instance and then again by them during the Coronial Inquest. Shirley Eldridge certainly wasn’t one of them. With Mima’s immediate family deceased, Shirley decided to disprove the rumours and restore Mima’s good reputation.  ‘Mima’ documents her exasperatingly long, frustrating and often disheartening journey to assure justice for her friend and colleague, Mima McKim-Hill.  

Shirley, with the help of Trevor Sorenson, who made Mima’s murder and rape cold case his retirement project, has presented all information as it was uncovered or became available; allowing the reader to evaluate the clues, theories and scenarios relevant to this forty year old cold case.

 Sorenson’s analytical detailed investigations give the True Crime readers a real insight into the complexities of reassembling events which took place long before the introduction of DNA and precise police crime analysis. Were the Milat brothers involved? What of the occupants of the Ford Customline with the chrome bull mascot? With the help of maps and organised detailed time lines, the reader is able to digest and assess the information; finally being steered through to the solving of this horrendous crime.

Social conventions and norms of the late 1960’s hindered to some extent the original investigation into this abduction and murder. By referencing events of 1967, the reader is able to put the murder into context; the Fitzgerald Report later documented the problems existing in the Queensland Police Force at this time.

Not only is this an engrossing True Crime book which grasps the reader’s interest and attention to the very last page, it is also the story of true friendship and dedication to that friendship. The author’s persistence and commitment to her friend Mima cannot be overemphasized. It is truly remarkable. It ultimately led to the solving of an evil crime.

A must read for all True Crime fans.

Author Shirley Eldridge
Publisher A&A Book Publishing
ISBN 9780994496010
Distributor Short Stop Press
Released July 2016