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Nail your Renovation without getting Screwed: Tips and Advice from an Award-Winning Builder

If you are seriously considering undertaking home renovations based on a need to change your surroundings, a desire to improve or to upmarket your existing property, have watched all the home renovations programs that abound on television and are ready to grab the hammer and get stuck into it, take a little time to do your research, cost out your project and make sure you really do know what you are taking onboard.

Nail Your Renovations without Getting Screwed from award winning builders Steve Burke and Suzanne Burke, is an absolute renovator’s bible of what to do and what not to do, the traps, costings and so much more, based on his many years of working in the home renovation sector, from apprentice to Company owner.

He shares the many aspects of what is involved in renovation projects that are based on fact, not fantasy; the reasons why establishing a budget, funding, working out timelines and then undertaking a feasibility study to begin with, is essential. Sourcing good trades people, how to spot a dodgy deal, researching the marketplace and most importantly, checking with the local council to see what is able to be undertaken and any rulings that may apply, are just some of the topics covered.

Burke suggests before undertaking any renovation, whether it be refreshing the kitchen cabinets, adding a splash of colour to the lounge, changing what seems to be the simple, easy job of tiles in the bathroom, make sure you do the research first to prevent becoming one of the very real, very expensive horror stories, that do abound in the world of home renovating.

Over the years Steve Burke has seen it all; from the horror stories he has been asked to try and fix, to top line professionals delivering a top-quality job and from that perspective his knowledge is invaluable. Each segment has a terrific little tip called ‘Burkey’s Tip’, which can go something like ‘renovate or detonate’, which while is amusing, can be a very real consideration. The A-W index at the rear of the book covers the huge range of valuable information which will make your job a success.

Nail Your Renovation Without Getting Screwed will become your most valuable asset once you venture forth into the what can be very the rewarding world of renovation and will certainly help to ‘nail your renovation’.


AuthorSteve Burke and Suzanne Burke
PublisherWoodslane Press
ReleasedMay 2019