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Professor Stewarts Casebook of Mathematical Mysteries

This is the third edition in this bestselling series of maths and will be eagerly devoured by not only lovers of mathematical mysteries, but by lovers of a totally good mystery story.

Due to the outstanding success of the last book, it follows that this offers a continuum to tease the mind of loves of mathematics and frustrate the daylights out of non-maths lovers who simply want to follow the story of Hemlock Soames and his sidekick Dr Whatsup, and perhaps along the way solve the occasional puzzle; mathematical puzzle that is.

Couched in general terms so that any reader who really does like a challenge will enjoy the journey, there is something for everyone as they work their way through the Casebook, Soames and Whatsup style.

There are many Cases in the book, obviously, which require solving; thankfully the answers are towards the rear of the book for hopeless mathematical tragedies, but don’t let this little bit of information get in the way of your sleuth like detecting abilities, as you work hard to figure out the ‘Waves of Translation’ or ‘Why the Leopard got its Spots’, amongst the many.

I kid you not; it is all there and needs to have a solution discovered.

The Fifteen Puzzle is interesting; really the name says it all, as it gives the background for the game, some of the history of the process and the legal moves which will lead to exactly half of the main number. From this comes the Tricky Six Puzzle and on a different track the Impossible Route Puzzle and the Square Peg Puzzle. And that’s just a bit of the puzzle chapter!

All this is linked together with a fascinating dialogue between Soames and Whatsup as they move from chapter to chapter and clue to clue, in an attempt to solve the many puzzles and riddles, all based on the mystery of mathematics.

A fantastic gift for that hard to please person at any time of the year and a totally intriguing read for anyone who loves a mystery – mathematical or otherwise.

AuthorIan Stewart
PublisherProfile Books