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Saving Our Kids

The inside story of Taskforce Argos, Detective Inspector Jon Rouse and their mission to protect our children online

The twenty first century has been marked by an expansion of technology and in particular digital technology, which not only doubles in speed and capacity every couple of years, but is also becoming cheaper, more portable and hence more accessible to children.

Over the past twenty years an expansion of the awareness of the grave wrongs committed against children by abusers using this technology has become apparent. Words like ‘Dark web’, ‘sextortion’, ‘money mules’ and ‘deepfake’ are becoming part of our lexicon.   

Award winning author and journalist Madonna King’s extensively researched book ‘Saving Our Kids’, which focuses on online child sex abuse and abusers is a must read not only for parents, but also for all those who work with or are involved with children. It is very comprehensive.

By providing detailed information about the current approach to child abuse and the importance of global cooperation when uncovering networks on the dark web in order to rescue vulnerable and abused children, the reader is made aware of the extent of this heinous crime. They are also given a greater appreciation of the dedication and perseverance of those who work in this demanding field. 

With the growing numbers of children and young people having almost unregulated access to the internet and social media, it is imperative that we remain vigilant. Saving Our Kids will be an eye opener to many who have always considered child abuse to be a more ‘overseas problem’. The author’s ‘top six tips’ at the conclusion of this important book provide excellent advice to all those with children who love their devices.  

Author Madonna King
Publisher Hachette Australia
ISBN 9780733650703
Distributor Hachette Australia
Released September 2023