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Terrorism in Australia – The story of Operation Pendennis

The world has for centuries been shattered by terrorist events, however the more recent ones including ‘Lockerbie/ PAN AM’, ‘The London Bombings’, “Mumbai Attacks’ and ‘September 11’ have entered our living rooms via the media. Now with 24 hour News channels and social media, there is no escaping the carnage and destruction resulting from acts of terrorism. 

Australia, which is considered by the world to be one of the safest places on earth, has also seen acts of terrorism in contemporary times. ‘The 1978 Sydney Hilton Bombing’ and ‘The 2014 Hostage Crisis’ at the Lindt Café shocked the nation and alerted the population that Australia too is vulnerable to those who wish the nation harm. How do we stop an attack on our shores? Who is a terrorist? Australia’s response to terrorism has been to establish and strengthen its intelligence agencies: Australia’s law enforcement, intelligence and security organisations work collaboratively together to prevent attacks on its people and property.

In his book ‘Terrorism in Australia’ author Peter Moroney relates how from June 2004 to the arrest of the perpetrators in November 2005 Operation Pendennis, foiled the biggest (to date) planned terrorist attack on Australian soil. It uncovered jihadist cells in Melbourne and Sydney amassing guns, ammunition and bomb-making equipment to use in terrorist attacks on home soil. Nine men in New South Wales and twelve men in Victoria planned to commit a devastating attack, which was designed to kill and maim men, women and children in Australia.

The success of this counter terrorism investigation demonstrated the ultimate investigator’s skills, their tenacity, grit and resolve.  It is an extraordinary story of the Australian Islamic ‘home-grown’ terrorists and the dedicated officers who thwarted them.

The book also explores how the culture of terrorist’s groups work and think; how ‘home-grown’ terrorists are radicalised. The author shares the story of the often unrecognized but tireless effort and skill of the security personnel and other investigators.  The reader cannot but be in awe of these officers, how their dedication to keeping Australia safe (often at the expense of their own families) drove them to commit to their cause beyond the call of duty.  He also reminds the reader of the importance of remaining vigilant to threat and emphasises the importance of calls to the terrorism hotline.

There is a great deal of mystery that surrounds terrorism. True crime readers will find this book both enthralling and revealing as Peter Moroney tries to demystify terrorism by presenting to the reader a clearer understanding.

Author Peter Moroney
Publisher New Holland Publishers
ISBN 9781921024634
Distributor New Holland Publishers
Released 2018