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The Expert Witness Examinations of crimes, drugs and poisons by a forensic toxicologist

The use of illegal drugs and the abuse of prescription drugs frequently leads to misadventure and/or crime. As a forensic toxicologist, Doctor Allender often appears in court, as an expert witness, in cases involving the use of drugs. In his book ‘The Expert Witness’ he discusses prominent cases in which his expertise is required; where the use of drugs and poisons could have played a noticeable part in the circumstances surrounding the events leading to the death of the victim.

By selecting thirty of his most absorbing cases, the author is able to highlight the value of his expert evidence in court. He briefly recounts the circumstances surrounding the case and by including his detailed toxicology report, provides the reader with added important information. As authors generally do not include a thorough analyses of this report, true crime readers rarely have the opportunity to understand the impact of this expert testimony in solving crimes; but in this book this insight is provided.

I highly recommend this book to readers who want more than a superficial knowledge of the importance of toxicology in the world of determining cause of death/or guilt or otherwise, of the defendant. Although this book is of the true crime genre, it gives all readers the opportunity to obtain a fascinating insight into the world of drugs and poisons in the perpetration of crime. A synopsis of each case is introduced by an appropriate thought provoking saying by a well-known philosopher/writer, which prepares the reader for what is to come.

Author Dr William Allender
Publisher New Holland Publishers
ISBN 9781760791490
Distributor New Holland Publishers
Released October 2019