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The Future of Everything: Big, Audacious Ideas for a Better World

Tim Dunlop follows on from Why the Future of Workless, with another ground-breaking and very audacious look at the future, putting forward what many may consider as radical ideas and suggestions for a better and more realistic pathway towards a successful and sustainable future in The Future of Everything.

Based on wide research the proposals set out in the sections, Premise and Practice, deal with a world that is rapidly changing, with the old moving away allowing a newer, more driven and ferocious future to appear, but with this progress so many of the basic tenets of society have been undermined, overlooked or simply ignored, in the rush headlong into the future.

Governments are no longer in touch with the people, laws and decisions are being made with hast and often limited consultation with the basic fundamentals of Democracy being slowly whittled away.  Technology it would appear is the answer but is it, or is this just another slice of spin being fed to people worldwide.

Dunlop presents a series of basic proposals, backed up with research based around the ‘principle of life in common’, or translated the more public ownership of public space, activity, equality, fairness and a real, independent marketplace; the basic fundamentals of a democratic society, one in which the various institutions reflect these values, one which will provide opportunity for everyone.

Somewhere along the way, in the past twenty years or so the people have been hoodwinked into another less profitable and less fair pathway, which Dunlop sees as a serious downward spiral that needs to be corrected by the people, who in reality and totality do have the power to invoke change in a positive and beneficial manner.

The Future of Everything, as do his other works, provides serious discussion points backed with considerable research that offers a way forward by exercising real political power, by reminding the politicians and law makers that people of a nation deserve far better than what they have been offered and told to accept, that the way forward is not through Capitalism, but Democracy.

The Future of Everything is a rally cry to all who are beginning to challenge the status quo, are concerned about the way the political system is crumbling and the real possibility of a far better, more realistic, even and fair democratic future.


AuthorTim Dunlop
PublisherNew South Publications
DistributorNew South Books
ReleasedSeptember 2018