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The Mammoth Book of Brain Games

Well, it has finally arrived: the book you give to those who have everything: the book that is so filled with puzzles that in spite of the blurb on the back cover recommending you do one a day for 365 days, you will either do one a day, challenge yourself and do an entire weeks’ worth in one hit or alternatively look at the first one, classed as simple and easy to do and go, great gift for someone else.

For those of you who seriously love to challenge your mind and improve the scope of your thinking capacity, this is one book that should find its way off the bookshelf and into your home as it is, along with an brain improvement tool, a lot of fun.

The content of the puzzles is wide ranging, providing something for everyone to really set about improving their mind.

There is a scoring system at the end  of each weeks selection of puzzles, as are the answers, but no cheating mind you, so that you can keep yourself motivated and also help you calculate your ‘brain rank’. Obviously this is to make sure that all this mind work you are engaged in, is making a difference.

For those of you enveloped in the computer age, put aside your gadgets, grab a copy of this book, along with a pen or pencil and reintroduce yourself to the novel idea of puzzle solving the old fashioned way. The puzzles are mixed up deliberately over the week to ensure you are exercising areas such as reasoning, language, number skills, speed, observation and concentration and see how you rate against your computer games!

Whatever, it is a book full of fascinating challenges that will have wide audience appeal and will also make a great gift idea for those difficult to please geniuses in your life!

AuthorDr Gareth Moore
PublisherConstable & Robinson