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The Music Advantage: How learning music helps your child’s brain and wellbeing

It has long been recognised that music helps a child developmentally, and socially. Yet never has it been so easy to prove exactly how this works, and how great is the effect that music can have in our lives. Dr Anita Collins completed her PhD in this area and what she found was so monumental she wanted to share it widely. With advances in technology and equipment such as the MRI machine, the brain can be observed during activities.

Not only does the scientific testing prove the author’s findings, but now we understand how the development of the brain and music work. From the earliest day’s babies begin to discern music from the sounds and language they hear recognising pitch, rhythm, and dynamics. There is a musical characteristic in the brain which recognises sound and processes it. Not only can a sound be recognised, but also the emotion behind it, showing how the person feels when listening. Sound is the way babies begin to understand their way in the world. The listening function of the brain never turns off.

The Music Advantage covers the developing child from birth to age 12-14 years. While the links between brain function and music is proved by impeccable research, there is still the question, “How do we get started?” From her own experiences, Collins shares her methods and steps. She was involved in the now famous ‘Don’t Stop the Music Programme’, where children were all given a musical instrument and musical instruction, with the extraordinary results televised.

Parents, teachers, and school communities should familiarise themselves with this book as the results, academic, social, and musical are proven. To be able to achieve the best outcomes for children, it is compulsory that music plays a part in their lives.

Author Dr Anita Collins
Publisher Allen & Unwin
ISBN 9781760875886
Distributor Allen & Unwin
Released September 2020