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The Tragedy of Madagascar

From the first page The Tragedy of Madagascar is an extremely well researched revelation, not revolution, about a small Sub-Saharan country that should be one of affluence, not one of extreme poverty and considered one of, if not the poorest, country in the world today.

Nathanial Adams spent nine months travelling the country interviewing people from all walks of life; from people living in the most abject poverty to well cushioned politicians about the current state of the country, how it got into such a mess and where the country may be in future.

He has used the Military coup of 2009 as the starting point to anchor the research as to why or how a country that has been independent for almost 80 years, has mineral wealth in abundance and an ever growing population, that in itself is rapidly becoming unsustainable, is in such a sad and sorry state.

Interviewing the disposed former president Marc Ravalomanana and many others, Adams presents a very real look at a country which should have it all, but due to political instability, corruption and poor education, coupled with massive drought in the southern region of this small Island country, along with massive debt to the World Bank, is in very real danger of self-destructing. 

The subject matter is heartbreaking in extreme; the narrative of Adam’s brings the people and the country alive and shows a small window on a very real humanitarian tragedy.

What the future holds for his embattled country is difficult to really know, but after reading the facts of the matter, the various viewpoints both politically and popularly, it would seem unless a miracle occurs, nothing good is in their future.

Can things change is the question, but this is something only the people of Madagascar can control and while to a large degree people remain uneducated, and politics is unstable, with no firm economic partners, the future remains bleak. 

The Tragedy of Madagascar is one of the few well researched books on this Island country and certainly is one that will be well read by anyone interested in world politics, and the progress or lack of progress, of in the 21 Century, of Democracy.

Author Nathaniel Adams
Publisher John Hunt Publishing.
ISBN 978-1-78904-874-2
Distributor Chronos Books
Released 25 November 2022