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Thrifty Household More than 1000 budget-friendly hints and tips for a clean, waste-free, eco-friendly home

In a year when many people are changing their lifestyle choices not just because of Covid-19, but the very real concern about climate change, the abuse of the environment and a genuine desire to recycle, upcycle or simply budget and cut back in uncertain times, the CWA and their collective wisdom, harvested from almost 100 years of service to the wider community of Australia, comes into its own in the handy little Thrifty Household book of 1000 budget-friendly hints and tips.

How to is the catch phrase and they, the women of the CWA, certainly know How To……do most things related to the household; whether it be red wine on the carpet or that lovely white dress, a more environmental friendly as well as cost effect dishwasher ‘tablet’, several chemical free options for that most horrid of household chore, cleaning the oven, and just above anything else you need to know about household matters.

Some terrific tips for Babies, Children and Pets, not necessarily in that order, are well worth reading as is the section on Christmas, which is filled with some interesting, cost effective ways to make Christmas a true, family affair. Outdoors contains some excellent ideas and insect repellents that do work for those days of summer just around the corner.

If you are wondering how to go about gardening from a more reusable perspective or to deal with those myriad of little bits and pieces this is the chapter for you. Whatever you may be curious about discovering or making change to a chemical option much needed home-made remedies for minor conditions such as a sore throat or cold, or a tip or handy hint on how to clean something in the house that needs special attention, Thrifty Household probably holds the answer.

If you can’t find it in the pages or within the 1000 hints and tips, seek out your mother or grandmothers old CWA Cook Book and there you will discover the forerunners of the modern day hints in the Thrifty Household book

Once again the CWA have come up trumps with their handy, conveniently sized household book that will definitely become a household MUST HAVE, for the modern, environmentally conscious home owner. And of course, it will also make the perfect gift for Christmas giving, for the Bride or Groom to be, or anyone establishing their first home.

A Thrifty Household equals money in the bank or a bit extra to spend on something special; what a bonus.

Author Country Women's Association of Victoria Inc
Publisher Murdoch Books
ISBN 9781922351241
Distributor Murdoch Books
Released December 2020