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Tricky Behaviours

As a Clinical Psychologist and leading adolescent and family health therapist, Andrew Fuller has much experience and knowledge to offer. Tricky Behaviours was originally called “Tricky Kids,” but the author acknowledges that what we need to focus on is the behaviour, not labelling the child. He has set out the book in such a way that it is hugely user friendly. Andrew has absolutely homed in on the behaviours exhibited by some children and teenagers. He begins the book with the lovely “Pledge to my child,” for parents to consider.

Part one of the book is a “Guide to tricky behaviours.” As the author confirms, your child may have many of these traits, but there will be predominantly one you can work with. There are: Manipulating Behaviours, Negotiating Behaviours, Debating Behaviours and Competitive Behaviours, to name a few. Each of these is described and recognisable by any parent. To begin with, we are given “Ten golden ideas for parenting tricky kids.” All these ideas are practical and do-able with brief explanations about why he suggests them. For example, children will “Always outdo you for energy,” so choose only one behavioural area you want to promote.

Part two of the book talks about the “Resilient mind, the Chemistry behind their moods, and Eight important mood changers.” All excellent advice and practical. Part three of the book concentrates on all the steps you can take to make a difference to your child’s behaviour. Positive life Habits, and Tricky Issues such as anxiety, anger, lying and peer pressure are addressed. There is also a Teachers Supplement at the back.

The clever aspect of this book is that the strategies can be used for toddlers to teenagers. The maintaining of respect and relationships is always stressed, but any parent who has any issues with their child would be well advised to read and survive with this guide. It should be available to every parent, teacher, and care giver. It is a true, practical and helpful saviour, which is so easy to negotiate.


Author Andrew Fuller
Publisher Bad Apple Press
ISBN 9780648780724
Distributor Bad Apple Press
Released revised edition: November 2020