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Understanding Animals: Philosophy for Dog and Cat Lovers

The Art of Philosophy is an interesting Art, as it is understood that no philosopher can ever be considered as wrong, perhaps because the many permutation of their pondering, observation and research are generally diverse, open to interpretation and always, further discussion.

So, when a Philosopher such as Lars Svendsen takes up the challenge to understanding the Philosophy of not just Cats and Dogs, but the very humans that love and adore them, as well as their specific relationships, the subject matter makes seriously interesting, fascinating and astonishing reading.

Does it help to better understand your Cat or Dog, what exactly they are conveying to you, as they twist you and your emotions around their very paw with childlike ease? Yes, perhaps it does, but then as with all things based in emotion, maybe not. Svendsen also looks at the bond that is often unbreakable between animal and human.

Svendsen peals back the intriguing layers of communication between pets and their humans, looking at what certain types of behaviours, such as a cat purring, the volume used, the tone and times and situation, as verses dogs and their many varied ways of expressing their emotion means.

Delving into the sensitive issue of changing animals’ behaviours, such as that of chimpanzee’s, once they learn to communicate with humans in the medium of drawing, a type of almost ‘Pidgin’ chatter and specific patterns of learned behave, how does this then change the perception of that chimpanzee. As a chimpanzee as it no longer fits into the traditional behavioural patterns of that species, nor does it fit into the full concept of human behaviour, so where does this leave the chimpanzee?

He also investigates in some length the bonds that form between animal communication, intelligence and awareness and how all these, along with many other aspects of behaviour, form the basis of lifelong friendships that build a very emotional component of daily life for so many people.

Thought provoking, particularly in relation to the aspect that because animals can look at us, see us, make us feel embarrassed, guilty or ashamed, even transferring emotions though a mere look, does than then, make them one of us!

As with all things philosophical, Understanding Animals Philosophy for Dog and Cat Lovers, answers so many questions, and yet leaves many more areas open for further discussion and research, but in the final wash-up, animals and humans are each unique unto themselves, each coming with special gifts and talents.

A very quirky sense of humour is strategically placed thought-out the book, lest everything written be taken far more seriously than was ever considered.

Understanding Animals Philosophy for Dog and Cat Lovers is one of life’s more intriguing reads. Enjoy!

Author Lars Svendsen
ISBN 9781789141597
Distributor New South Books
Released September 2019