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Unprecedented: The Election That Changed Everything

During 2016 the Presidential race to the White House in America was being hotly contested by sixteen candidates, one of whom, Hillary Clinton, for the second time, was seeking to stand for election as the first female President of America. Donald Trump joined in the race in 2015, becoming the Republican nominee in September of that year.

The American public were as mesmerized, as were world audiences, when this, nativist and bombastic, seriously wealthy man, loudly proclaimed to all who would listen, that he would become the next President. This was greeted with scorn from many, applause from others and downright disbelief from many more.

In this first release from CNN Politics they have very carefully documented a very clear and unbiased report of the journey faced by both Clinton and Trump as they raced, several times neck-and-neck, towards the major prize, that of the President of the United States.

As the vitriol and rhetoric from both candidates increased, both faced their share of challenges and criticism on a personal and political front.  State by State the word ‘unprecedented’ became the byword for this hugely entertaining and original campaign, as this blustering businessman made the decision to do it his way, capturing the imagination of many along the way.

The world watched in fascination as this larger than life, ego driven man gained more and more footholds throughout America, appealing to the poor, disenfranchised, the strugglers and the people who considered they had all but been forgotten in the madness of modern politics. Many saw Clinton as more of the same, more of the status quo, not as motivated, not really understanding the basic needs of the people.

Both candidates had serious flaws, some debilitating baggage, but when the day of voting came, Trump, with his unprecedented ways and unprecedented methods saw him win the top job.

As time goes on this will play out on the world stage once again; perhaps as is suggested, the flamethrower approach may not be a precedent, but one that was chosen by the people and one way or the other will certainly herald change.

CNN covered the non-traditional, ‘unprecedented’ campaign that saw the best and the worst of all the campaigners as they dropped off one by one and in this first from CNN Political they have complied a major work consisting of stunning, exclusive, pictorial editorial along with stories from the best of their political reporters in Carl Bernstein, Brian Stelter, Jodi Enda and more.

This is a book that is a must have, a must keep, as the campaign and eventual outcome has divided deeply a country and its people, and will have a long lasting effect on world politics. What could be considered a rally cry uttered by Donald Trump: “We will make America strong again, We will make America proud again, We will make America safe again, And we will make America great again”, appears to have set the world stage for political change away from the tried and true to the unknown.

Time as it does with everything else, will indeed tell whether the people of America made the right decision.

AuthorThomas Lake, edited by Jodi Enda
PublisherMelcher Media
DistributorNew South Books
ReleasedMarch 2017