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Wild Nature: Walking Australia’s South East Forests

Wild Nature, Walking Australia’s South East Forests is the third part of a trilogy by John Blay, who has been researching Australian forests and their history for many years. Blay begins the book by saying that he has been privileged to walk the great native forests in South Eastern Australia. These are outstanding on an international scale, and most within a day’s drive of capital cities; their history to be seen in the reminders of fires past and recent, and often reflect nature out of balance.

After this introduction, we follow John’s journey with the retelling of the notes in his journal. It is an interesting way to tell his story and writing in the present tense makes the reader feel they are on the trail with him. The area John wants to walk has no known trails, his partner, Jacqueline, suggests the area may not matter, but enough people valued the trees to have them protected, reflects John.

John Blay’s special interest lies with National Parks and the Great Escarpment where the tableland slopes down to the coastal valleys which include Tall trees and a secretive wildlife. Apart from the forest, he keenly notes the many small animals such as potoroos, bandicoots, and the rich birdlife. Jacqueline explores the wildflowers in their amazing colours, and soaks in the wonder of the forest.

This journey is interspersed with comments from early explorers as well as modern day authorities, and the decisions they make regarding the protection of our precious forest eco systems. Reading this account of John and Jacqueline’s journey is like walking with an artist. You begin to see the contrasting colours, and the individual and collective beauty of your surrounds. The passionate message conveyed in this story is the need for continued protection of our magnificent forests, and the wildlife within them.

Author John Blay
Publisher NewSouth
ISBN 9781742236902
Distributor New South Books
Released August 2020