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Women, Men and the Whole Damn Thing

‘How to find the right words to frame this horror? How to understand why men do what they do to women? How to comprehend this malign force that seems to seep from the male psyche and infect us all? . . . That is the central hope, the appeal, embedded in this book: that other men might join me in this investigation and ruthless self-interrogation-and in doing so, become part of the change that is so urgently required.’ David Leser

Women, Men and the Whole Damn Thing is an important book that everyone should read. In February of 2018 David wrote an article for “the Good Weekend ” about the Me Too movement. He was surprised when he was inundated with hundreds of letters of personal experiences from both men and women. The book “men women and the whole damn thing” was born from his article.

Insightful, well researched and a masterpiece, David delves deeply into the male and female psyche, searching for answers into the age-old question, why are women dominated, abused, raped and denigrated by men, and why women should fight back. Quite confronting, the recounting of the brutality inflicted on women from time immemorial raises many questions of which to find an acceptable and honest answer is perhaps far larger than the modern world is prepared to answer.

David leaves no stone unturned in his frank interviews with the famous and not so famous. He includes his own upbringing and sexual history in his effort to understand and come to a conclusion.

Women, men and the whole damn thing is an honest, ethical and readable book; an eye-opening book and a book that makes you think and rethink. A unique book so appropriate for these times. I couldn’t put it down.


Author David Leser
Publisher aLL
ISBN 9781760877729
Distributor Allen and Unwin
Released August 2019