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A Taste of River Water

Compelling and hauntingly beautiful, a taste of river water lingers in the memory, peeling back the layers of time to yesterday, tomorrow and years gone by.

Each offering, each slither of time, is detailed as it has been lived, with such beautiful use of language, encouraging the emotions to rise; bringing with them the flavours of regret for tasks not done, reflections of days gone bye, the enchanting  awe of a newborn child, joy, love and passion all encompassed into one, or many, of the pieces tucked within the covers of such a humble, yet passionate book.


Take it slowly, enjoy each seamless piece of verse: reflect, dwell, enjoy and remain in awe of the powerful nature of words used in wisdom, love, contemplation and joy.

Author Cate Kennedy
Publisher Scribe
ISBN 9781921844003 (pbk)